Is it just me ...

... or is this year flying by in a bit of a blur? Since the new year, days have turned into weeks and then before you know it, we're in Autumn and heading at full speed toward winter!

Think back to early January (which seems like just yesterday) and we made a commitment to ourselves to make this year better than any other and that the changes were going to stick this time ...

Or is it same old, same old?

I see too many women stuck in the routine of life, swamped in to-do's and generally putting themselves at the bottom of their list of priorities. I completely get it — I’ve been there too. There’s nothing easier than tending to everyone else first. Nothing more obvious than wading through ‘all the things’ and putting out spot-fires at home and at work, crawling into bed at night exhausted, thinking ‘tomorrow I’ll sort myself out’.

The problem is, tomorrow never comes (and now I've got Ronan Keating's song playing incessantly in my head). But he’s right, isn’t he? Life is short. We leave the important things for later all the time.

We trap ourselves in the dialogue that circles our mind, telling us we’re not good enough or not ready, or that we don’t belong. We say ‘yes’ to things we dread and clog our diaries with obligations that bully what really matters to us right off the calendar. And we’re not sure how to stop it. We don’t even understand why we do it. All we know is, something has to change.

How does a day focused entirely on you sound?

Three parts exciting to one part terrifying? It would look like this …

A deep-dive, hands-on, energising session to brainstorm and map out the next phase of your career or business and your life path. The VIP Breakthrough Experience is intense and transformational (yes, in a three parts exciting to one part nerve-wrackingly good way!) It is ideal for savvy (yet sometimes overwhelmed) women ...

  • Women at a cross-roads in life
  • Business owners (especially 'soloists')
  • Busy, working women who are looking "for something more ..."

… who are ready to take decisive action and create powerful, transformative results.

Whether your focus is on building or changing careers, starting or growing a business, creating more balance and freedom in your schedule, managing the many hats that you wear, or adding more fun and adventure into your life, this is THE experience for you.

Together we will re-think, re-group, and re-launch you on your path to creating real plans to start living the life you want to lead. You will leave empowered, motivated, inspired and with the tools and resources to get to the next level.

This private VIP Breakthrough Experience is unique...

In that it's:

  • Personal (and all about you!)

    Intimate and totally focused on you, offering the perfect opportunity to finally put aside the procrastination which has been nagging at you; you’re tired of waiting for ‘someday’ to happen to clarify your vision and live the life you know you want

  • Tailored

    Totally customised to your needs and wants related to business, life, family and self

  • An Escape

    Designed to give you a break from the everyday, the deadlines, the drama, the stress. This day is about you feeling refreshed, energised, empowered, enlightened, powerful, switched on and centred

  • One-on-one

    Conducted face-to-face in Adelaide, and if you aren’t able to travel to me, we can meet online via Skype (although I urge you to do whatever it takes to make an in-person meeting happen). You’ll be amazed at what you uncover when you have that much uninterrupted energy focused on your dreams, vision, goals and potential

    (Let me know if you would like me to travel to you, if you are interstate, we can chat about how that can be a great option too)

  • Action-focused

    Packed with all the practical tools, tips and content-rich learning materials to support you well beyond your Breakthrough Experience. Whether you continue your coaching with me or choose this as a powerful kick-start to your future, then you’ll have loads of resources to refer to on your journey

shutterstock_67978366This experience is perfect for you if you don’t have time to commit to a six or twelve-month coaching program (which some people love), or if you’re impatient: you want to experience the changes you’re looking for right now because you’ve had it with things staying as they are. You’re drawing a line in the sand, right here, and want to move quickly and see fast results.

Here’s what I’ve lined up for those ready to take decisive action and make the commitment to themselves to join me to create exceptional results:

What's included...

  • Step-by-step approach

    I’ll take you through my simple approach to unlock what you really want out of life and then together, we’ll create the strategies you can action immediately to get moving fast

  • Private ChickChat Coaching Clients' Hub

    You’ll receive lifetime access to online learning resource materials, including workbooks, tips, checklists, inspirational quotes and audios

  • Practical activities & tools

    Powerful exercises to help you get clear on what you really want, your vision of your ‘ideal day’ and how to convert this into tangible actions in your life and your work

  • Belief busting!

    We’ll be uncovering any blocks that have held you back or slowed your progress up until now…and we’ll get rid of them for good!

  • Uncovering hidden gems

    Identifying the biggest opportunity (or resource) that you’re not taking advantage of – what is your passion and how can you leverage it?

  • Action plan

    Pinpointing, prioritising, and committing to immediate next steps with measurable results for each

  • One-on-one coaching

    6.5 hours (or 3.5 hours for half-day) of private coaching, mentoring and consulting support (plus breaks)

  • Bonus follow-up session

    One x 45min (30mins for half-day package) follow-up phone session within a couple of weeks of your experience, to gauge progress, overcome any roadblocks, and ensure you’re staying on your committed path

  • Refreshments & meals

    For in-person sessions, all refreshments are included – with a lovely lunch for full-day sessions, overlooking the lake in the bistro of the Lakes Resort Hotel, West Lakes

  • Take-away, customised notes

    A complete set of notes, charts, actions and observations captured throughout the day, delivered to you within 7 days. This valuable resource details my recommendations, observations, resources and tips for implementing your plan and seeing your vision take shape

Your Bonuses ...

  • 'I Don't Have Time' Signed Copy

    15-minute Ways to Shape a Life You Love

    Get a signed copy of my first book, co-authored with Emma Grey (Exisle, 2017). I Don’t Have Time is essential reading for anyone who crawls into bed wondering where the day went, and wants to wake up and smell the ‘me time’.

Our beautiful lake-side coaching venue ...

Located on the tranquil waters of West Lakes, The Lakes Resort Hotel has proven to be the perfect place for our VIP Breakthrough Experiences.

It's the little things...

Offering lovely personal touches, delicious catering and refreshments and the privacy of a ideal meeting room, I love the Lakes Resort Hotel as my new coaching 'home' for these special experiences.

Our private room allows plenty of space for reflective coaching, hands-on exercises and capturing ideas on the whiteboard, flip-chart or laptop. I know you know how much I love to capture ideas this way, so you will walk away with loads of actionable steps at the end of our session!

For full-day sessions, we'll head to a quiet table, reserved in the bistro and enjoy lunch and a chat while overlooking the lake - beautiful in any weather. And there's plenty of free parking, so no need to worry about travelling into the City and finding (and paying for) a park in peak-hour traffic.

I'll be waiting for you at the hotel, all ready to go with coffee and everything else you'll need for a wonderful day!

PS I'm sure you'll love your goody bag too, filled with lots of little personal touches to make it a very special experience for you.

Your VIP Special Offer!

I'm excited to share with you a special 'Get Back on Track' offer.

Here’s the low-cost, high-value investment for one of these Experiences with me. It’s priced as an all-inclusive package, to give you every reason to say 'YES!' and get your career and life on track, once and for all!

To make it as easy as possible for you to get starting with a coaching experience, I have put together some flexible payment options.

"But what if I can't pay in full today?"

No problems!

All you pay today is your $97 deposit and then you can choose to pay the remaining balance either in full (offers the best value), or over two or three instalments.

It's your choice.

Half-day Breakthrough Experience
$897Normally $997 + gst
  • 3.5 hour Breakthrough Coaching Intensive at the beautiful Lakes Resort Hotel at West Lakes
  • Personal or Business focus - completely tailored for you
  • Loads of useful resources to continue the learning after our day together
  • A Getting Started Kit including a comprehensive questionnaire for you to complete before our session...a great self-coaching tool in itself
  • Refreshments and healthy snacks
  • A 30 minute follow-up call within a couple of weeks our Breakthrough Experience to check-in and celebrate your progress
  • * plus GST for Australian residents
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An intensive half-day transformational coaching experience

So, how do I sign up?

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  • 1

    Decide whether this is for you you...

    There is such power in just making a decision, isn't there? One way or the other. Yes or no? By now you'll know in your heart whether this is a good fit for you. If it is, then take action on it right now. If it's not, then that's great too (it won't be for everyone). The important thing here is that you've made a decision and you are ready to make a change for the better in your life, regardless of whether that is with me or on your own. 🙂

  • 2

    Secure your spot!

    Click on one of the payment option buttons and pay your $97 deposit to get the ball rolling. You'll be invoiced for the balance shortly and you can pay by credit or debit card or via direct bank transfer.

  • 3

    Book in your Breakthrough Experience

    Once your deposit has been confirmed, you'll receive all the details to get you started and to book in your Breakthrough Experience (yay, I can't wait!)

Ready? Let's get started!

Choose a
VIP Breakthrough Experience option

Half-Day Breakthrough$97 Deposit
Full-Day Breakthrough$97 deposit

Still on the fence?

If you're still not sure if this is for you, or if you'd like to chat before committing to a Breakthrough Experience, please drop me a line and we can make sure that we're a good fit and answer any of your questions.

Take care and I look forward to connecting with you soon

Audrey x